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Augmented Reality (AR)

Another reality behind your Smartphone

What is Augmented Reality?

AR (augmented reality) is a technology that aims to enrich reality with a series of details not visible to the naked eye.

The principle is to represent an altered reality in which artificial and virtual information is superimposed on the normal reality perceived by our senses.

To allow all this, different types of devices are used, from the Smartphone to Virtual Reality viewers to end up at the Holo Lens developed by Microsoft; but let’s take one step at a time and understand better how this technology works …

How it is applied

Augmented reality can be used to preview a product.

Imagine being able to see the details of a new car model through your smartphone’s camera. You will have in front of you an object that in reality there is not, in which you will be able to enter and with which you can interact.

This is a real interactive demonstration that helps you understand the product and interact with its details. Watch a video demonstration!

The role of BrainTech Innovations

From Software company we take care to realize the desires of our customers, first of all suppliers. This means that we carry out AR projects on behalf of third parties (companies or individuals) who wish to advertise their products or their customers.

We don’t just create APPs for Smartphones to increase reality, interactions with other systems come naturally, as in the example of HerculTour for Urban.:FX where we created a Bike Training system with slope simulation and pedaling speed.

If you want more information or you want to carry out your project,Contact Us!